Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bailey's Gold

Part 6 (i)- The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Bailey starts by introducing the Golden Rule. Excellent!
Then suggests that Jesus "took Hillel's [negative Silver Rule] and turned it into a positive".
So Jesus wasn't just quoting from the Golden rule of the Torah (Gen. 4:14, Deut. 10:19, Lev. 19:18) that they were more familiar with?
Jesus was kinda quoting someone other than Moses?

Wasn't this Hillel guy- the rabbi that allowed divorce for the slightest reasons? Like a wife burning the bread? Don't think this is the kind of rabbi that Jesus would endorse. Anyway...

Bailey then does some good stuff on salvation by grace. Woulda been much better if he coulda done some stuff on salvation by grace alone but ...

Final comment is about Bailey endorsing the allegory of Jesus being the Good Samaritan:

I would think that Jesus would do better than bandage me.
I would think that Jesus would do better than love me then leave me.
I would think that Jesus would leave some of His oil and wine with me (as He allegorically did).
And why couldn't I just stay on His allegorical "beast"?

Allegories are dangerous. They kinda lead you down the yellow brick road. In search of a wizard. And the real wizard is the one that built the road. The road of mercy. A road best traveled... on your knees.

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