Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bad Boys

Yup.  Piggybacking on a Triablogue post again.  This time at a different blog of mine.  And this time about some comments that were posted there.

Comments made by some biker chick ;)
Comments made by some chick named Carrie.
Comments like:

1)  Men have a much higher tendency to suffer from sexual sins, to points that are beyond comprehension. I do wonder theologically why that is.

2)  It would just say that men struggle more with sexual sin while women struggle more with some other sin. As far as sinning overall, the two sexes are on an equal playing field.

3)  This *almost* starts sounding like the rape victim being blamed for wearing a short skirt.

Well, let's work our way backwards on this one.

Rape victims 'shouldn't be blamed for wearing short skirts'-

For 'enticing'?  For doing the 'slut walk'?

As analogy- cuckolded husbands are often charged with manslaughter rather than murder.  Why?  Because it often meets a Provocation Test.  A test that recognizes a 'reduction in culpability'.  A shared culpability.  A shared blame (yet, for some reason the unfaithful wife sees no blame).

Is Carrie saying that this well-established (7th century B.C.) Provocation Test should be tossed?
And that there should be no Provocation Test for rape either?
That women should be free to provocate with impunity?
Free to entice 'without even slander'?

Hey Carrie, I'm even willing to grant others a Provocation Test for abortion. 
But are you willing to grant others a Provocation Test for rape?

Men struggle more with sexual sin-

Well... should women be held more culpable for sexual sin then?  Since it is an 'easier battle' for them?

As far as sin goes... both sexes are on an equal playing field-

So Satan and his demons are equal-opportunity tempters?
Not terribly convinced of that. Not terribly opportunistic of them.
It's like they subscribe to a Code of Ethics.  Or God has them bound by a Code of Ethics.
Far too egalitarian for my liking.  Some weird interpretation of Galatians 3:28?

Men are more pre-disposed to sexual sin.  Why is that?

Well, it just may be that men have a greater appreciation for God-given material.
Material recognized and declared to be "Good!" ("He who finds a wife finds a good thing "- Prov. 18:22 ESV).
Yet, this rib-based material (BTW, did you know that ribs grow back?) was seduced  by a fabulous fibber (1 Tim. 2:14).  
Was enticed by a pitch of  'immaterial gains'.  Only to find- an immense pit of  intense agony.

Indeed, a pit that we all stand at the brink ofBranded as idolatersBranded as eternal kindling.

Unless otherwise branded by an immaterial Spirit.  To reflect the perfect material.  To reflect the perfect idol.  To reflect the perfect Son.

To the glory of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Truly exclusive glory- where exclusive glory is truly due.

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