Sunday, November 6, 2011

Do NOT Pray for Patty!

Continuing in this Do NOT Pray series:

Went to daring-Dave Armstrong's site via TurretinFan.  And found Patty Bonds drooling over one of Dave's posts on masturbation.
A tipping point for Dave.  And a tipping point for Patty ("an allegedly virtuous device... that I turned into an idolatrous vice"). 

Have covered that topic extensively at my adult blog... but I thought I'd chronicle Patty's fall from grace here.
Patty's drifting from the virtuous church of her childhood... to her fall [a Hebrews 6:6 distinction] into a vacuous cloister of sacraments.
From her own testimonies here and here:

As many of you know, Patty is the sister of premier Protestant-apologist James White.  And daughter of a Protestant pastor.
Born in '56.  'Prayed the prayer' at the age of six.  And married at 25.
But she converted to Catholicism 16 years ago, despite tremendous opportunity to see Jesus as sufficient.  And continues to be a tremendous thorn in James and his fathers side.
Her mothers side.
And her ex-husbands side.

Patty divorced her husband of 21 years because "he couldn't deal with the fact that I had not been open with him"  [her deception and manipulation].
Because "he was not as sensitive as he should have been" [despite going to numerous counseling sessions to deal with her numerous issues].
And because her marriage "wasn't all that it could be" [even after he became a Catholic for her].

Patty later applied for and was granted "the 8th sacrament" (an Annulment).   A grand illusion.
Was granted the delusion that it never was a "sacramental" marriage.
The delusion that it never was a "true" marriage [as if only "sacramental marriages" are "true" marriages].
And now promotes this vacuous delusion.

Patty later applied for and was granted the Sacrament of Consecration.   Granted the delusion that she is now a Sacred spouse of Christ [and that her children are now Sacred].  And now promotes this vacuous delusion as well.

She made the Vow of Celibacy in '05.  Another vacuous vow.  Considering her circumstances.
A vow clearly made without an elementary understanding of  her "Matthew 19:12 theme".
Ans a vow of questionable value at best.  From a single mother of three.  And a grandmother of one.  To now dedicate her life to proclaiming a questionable gospel... while remaining a civil servant. 

Yet Patty may be applying for yet another vacuous  sacrament soon.  The Sacrament of Final Unction.

You see, Patty continues to have her problems.  Major physical problems.
Patty will be seeing a breast surgeon this week.  To have one of her "ladies" taken care of.
Something that she "should have done long ago...  but had procrastinated".
Procrastination "due to a cyst on her kidneys. spots on her lungs, and brain tumors impacting her senses".

Yup, here is a lady that is far from healed.  Either physically or spiritually.
And of course, it's never her fault.  It's her husbands fault, her fathers fault, her mothers fault...

Yet somehow she feels these faults are  "re-storing her to the person that she should be".
As she continues "trying to restore" her daddy to the person he should be.
A daddy of  her fantasies.

You see, "Daddy's little girl" continues to accuse her daddy of atrocious things. Fantastical things.  And can't get past her fantastical past.  An enormously improbable past (considering even some of the factors).
A fantastical past that many patients develop after entering therapy.
A past that her mother thinks was generated from a therapist at Moody.
A therapy that was all the rage at the time.  A therapy that has seen numerous lawsuits.

Yet, "Daddy's little girl" continues to slander her father and mother.
Knowingly, "trampling on the law of God".  The fifth commandment.
A commandment granting longevity...  for those that honor their father and mother.  

And the 'restoring spirit' that Patty thinks she is bringing to bear on her father... is a dishonoring spirit.
A malicious spirit.  A destructive spirit.  A spirit eager to accuse.
To accuse her father, mother, husband and brother.

And I should support Patty's spirit?  I should pray for Patty?

Well... pray like King David often prayed, perhaps.
Imprecatory prayers.  Praying against her.
Pray that she might fall into the pit... the pit that she laid for her father (Psalm 57:6).
Pray that the Patty we currently know "may be no more (Psalm 59:13)".

Or as Oswald Chambers would pray, "Pray that things might get a hundred times worse for her"...
that she might see the sufficiency of Jesus.
The insufficiency of Rome and the vacuity of her sacraments...  including the Final Sacrament.


  1. Ron, everybody knows that James White is a narcissistic, sadistic fool. The Baptists (non-Calvinistic) know it, we Catholics know it, and even some decent Calvinists (like Bob Ross) know what an arrogant, hateful, individual James White is. Your screed against Patty Bonds shows an absolutely Satanic hatred of this dear Christian woman. Only a ghoul could have written this piece of filth. May God have mercy on your soul, and spare you the judgement of eternal fire. Scotju aka Stephen E Dalton.

  2. disgusting display.

    Your profile: "Wretched man that I am. Yet not as wretched as I was."

    Guess again.

  3. Thanks for your comments Anon,

    Care to interact with any items in the post?

  4. I rarely bother with commenting on article like this,in that most people don't bother reading junk like this, but it astonishes me that anyone could think they are a follower of Jesus Christ and make comments like this. Oh wait I forgot, this guy is a calvinist. It makes perfect sense now. Calvinism give one the license to hate whoever you want, just look at the Westboro Baptist church. When it comes to "you will know them by their fruits; calvinists just ignore that part.

  5. I confess that I don't know how it's possible (at least for me at this point) to know who is telling the truth/lying, or who is mistaken/in denial about the events that occurred/did not occur many years ago. Either Patty Bonds is right about what happened or she is mistaken. I would find it shocking that she is deliberately lying; it seems more likely to me, if she is wrong about these events, that she was manipulated into false memories by psuedo-scientific quackery. You allude to such in your article.

    I do not think, however, that your readers are well served with what you have written. I don't see how you or I can possibly know the facts in this case. I also think, in one sense, it's none of our business, and must be handled by the family. In that regard, I believe we should pray for all the family members, regardless of our personal views on their respective theologies, that God's truth will be revealed in the end. It strikes me as important that we pray for Patty Bonds' physical and spiritual health, regardless of what our personal opinions may be, especially as that is the key to sorting this whole thing out.

  6. I don't know Ron.... you were more wretched than this? no offense.
    God Bless!

  7. Hi Pilgrim,

    Don't know how my readers are served by this either. And it likely won't get sorted till the last day anyway.

    But it currently is our business to try to sort it out- since we are held to the same standard as Rome, in the matter of justice. To the same standard of policing our own pastors. As James White would say, "we too are bound to a standard of consistency".

    Now what was being served here, was that Patty lacks credibility. That her testimony lacks consistency. And that her testimony lacks probability. The same criteria that I would apply to "alter boy" allegations.

    And I would feel inconsistent (as a Protestant and a Christian) if I were to tuck Patty's allegations in a closet. I think justice and consistency would be better served to expose this loose cannon. Just as loose priests are being exposed

    As regards the psuedo-scientific quackery... that was her mothers claim. I see more of 2Thess 2:9-12 happening here.

    Thanks, Pilgrim.

  8. Hi Ron,

    I freely admit that I have spent almost no time at all looking into this situation. That is, I couldn't tell you if there are inconsistencies, credibility problems or whatever. I'm not asking you to give specific details here, but am I to understand that you have some special knowledge of the situation, or at the very least, you have spent some considerable time examining the story/stories that Patty has told regarding this situation? I'm hoping that you're not merely taking sides because we love brother James and his theology is ours. I like his ministry too, so don't get me wrong here. Just trying to be just in my evaluation of things, such as it is.

    Blessings in Christ,


  9. Sad. I have a friend who is follows Reformed Theology (he doesn't like to call himself Calvinist) and he too can easily spout hate without ever considering its inconsistency with Christianity of any denomination. YOU really need help.

  10. ...and by the way, you probably are more wretched than you were.

  11. I hereby declare- you to be - - an unlawful obstructionist. I order all those assembled to immediately disperse. I repeat- to immediately disperse. I order all your activity to immediately cease. I repeat-to immediately cease. It is not in accord with the ordinances of Canon Law. Due to your catalytic tendency of disseminating objectives adverse to Christendom - you are therefore ordered to discontinue your illegal profession. Failure to do so will result in proactive, responsive, and co-active measures. I judge, adjudge, adjudicate, deem, determine and declare your thoughts, words, actions, public or secret, and omissions, biological and spiritual property, subject to the Jurisdiction of the Unfathomable, Infinite, and Ineffable Excellence of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. Further, your humanist anachronism, obscurantism, absurdum, intent, mission, and schemes, are henceforth proscribed and condemned. You may be arrested and or subject to other police action. It has so been declared: It is declared that all non-Catholic government exists in a state of inauthenticity. It is thenceforth declared that all modern constitutional states lack canonical legitimacy. It has therefore been thenceforth declared that their existence is an offense to the Divine Majesty and a crime against humanity. The aforesaid Freemasonic corporations are hereby declared anachronical to true human progress. It is decided in order for modern constitutional states to gain authenticity they must recognize the Supreme Jurisdiction of the Papacy and all Papal Dogmas. As a failure to do so will only inflame the Catholic against such blasphemous tyrannical backwards regimes. Lord God is due to make Visitation to such blighted and noxious governments and tyrannies. He will Visit the iniquities upon the infidels and the Anti-Church bigots. Terror will overtake the faces of the unwashed masses. These exquisite bigots against the Papacy will know that the Lord God Himself has done it. The infidel are richly fattened for such Visitation. It is hereby determined. ‘Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo, et in terra’. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven. Libertarianism (and the constitution) are simply tyrannical failures and instruments that lead to false flag attacks and government-run pedophilia through their Manual (and Visual) Body-Cavity Searches of Juvenile Hall youth. A Catholic Monarchy simply is the answer to today's varied and many problems. There is Absolutely No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church see

    1. That's Funny!
      Especially the part about Body-Cavity Searches.

      There is nothing from without a man that entering into him, can defile him. But the things which come from a man, those are they that defile a man. (Mar 7:15 DRA)

  12. Pedophilia is NOT funny. Moreover the verse you purport to mention talks about eating. According to your line of thinking fornication and adultery are okay. The sodomitical act is against nature you infidel. Visit and convert yo Christianity or you will go to Hell.

  13. As I recall Patty makes a good case for the truth of her accusations. She talks about a confrontation with her father and mother in front of her now ex-husband. The truth came out in this discussion. Her now ex husband could see the reactions from her parents that revealed this was the truth. And for him this was devastating because she was not sexually pure as he had thought she was.

    I happened to meet James White's father after his mother's death. He had a very young foreign woman on his arm. Very strange given the allegations from Patty. This was at a debate of White's on Islam in the Detroit area. The whole affair was totally obnoxious. White apparently found some kindly Muslims who agreed to debate him, but they were totally unprepared and inexperienced. White openly mocked them due to their ignorance. I was embarrassed for them and hoped White might offer some grace, but none came. This is a weird family.

    1. Take another look at her testimony Anon (she won't let you get there from here anymore). And see if you can make a better case.
      You now are now labelling Patty's-ex as clairvoyant. His reading of thoughts quite contrary her Mom's hostile testimony. Thoughts to patronize his wing-nut with.
      You now have Patty's-ex suggesting intercourse when Patty suggested something far less intrusive.
      And you are now criticizing quite natural relations for Patty's Abba (are you forgetting that good ol' Abe remarried?). Natural relations contrary to the alleged unnatural relations that his daughter was libelling him for.

      Your case is very weak Anon, go back to your Muslim apologetics...