Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Separating The Fish From The Flock

Yup, kinda weird huh?
His Name?
Yes, that too.

That and Mr. Fish still thinking that MacArthur's church- is a false church with a false gospel.
And as usual Phil Johnson does a fine job with his updated post on Fish here.

Now, I doubt that I would have been as patient with Fish- as his elder Johnson was.
Think I woulda tossed him to the sharks waaay sooner.

Am not terribly disturbed by Fish's view on corporal punishment. As Johnson seems to be.
Am not terribly disturbed by Fish's view on masturbation. As Johnson seems to be.
Am not terribly disturbed by Fish's view on polygamy. As Johnson seems to be.

But with Johnson, I do find Fish's view on the Trinity- as ludicrous!

On this issue Fish is like a fish out of water. Not even flapping on the dock.
Suffocatingly far- from the brink of orthodoxy.

A 'compound-being of "nine"', huh?
Even blowhard Hinn retracted that ninesense :)

Oops, wait a minute- "Jerusalem is God". Better make that ten.
Oops, wait a minute- "The Throne, the Heavens and His Kingdom" are also God. Thirteen!

And given Fish's theological training- he has no excuse.
Despite his premature swim from the school- he is far too obtuse.

He bit the Master's Seminary that fed him.
Then bit the master that led him.

And even if Fish- has a sound bite on the how of justification.
Still, he doesn't know who he is justified by.

Was he justified by the God-man?
Or justified by "two men"?

Is his faith in God incarnate?
Or God "eternally carnate"?

Is this Fish incredibly shallow?
Or just hobbled by a fish-eye lens?

Will this Fish become "one-flock with one shepherd"?
Or remain a fish without a school.

Will this Fish subscribe to the Rule of Faith?
Or struggle to maintain the 613 Mosaic rules.

We shall attempt to deal with one of those rules at my mature brother blog.
A rule that Pharisee Fish maintains- the death penalty for Sex During Menstruation.

My apologies for this present post.
Not as sanctifying as the previous post.

But as Johnson might say, "Sometimes ya  just gotta take out the trash".

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