Sunday, July 11, 2010

Without a Hitch

In case you haven't heard-it seems unlikely that Hitchens will see another one of his memoirs published. It seems Hitchens is at the brink of death- and that we will be without a Hitch shortly.  Esophagus cancer.

That's too bad.
I like Hitchens.

I can appreciate his brutal honesty.  His uncompromising tenacity.  His bravery and his audacity.
Hitchens is a man in which I find very little deceit.
Hitchens is a man of which even Jesus might say, "In Hitch I find little guile " (cf. John 1:47).  And yet... I expect Jesus will find Hitchens guilty.  Guilty of contempt.
His contempt for Christ.
His contempt for his Creator.
For his insisting that, "if there actually were a Creator- then this Creator is actually evil".
For his insisting, "can anyone good be responsible- for this pernicious evil"?
His contempt for the Creator who creates good- from a pernicious evil.
His contempt for the Creator who can grant resurrection- from a pernicious crucifixion. 

Now what sort of eternity might I envision- for an uncompromising Hitchens?

A persistent pleading with a publishing house on fire,.
A persistent pleading for a keyboard that doesn't burn his fingers.
A persistent pleading for Johnny Walker with ice.
A persistent pleading through an esophagus on fire.

A persistent itch for even one ear to hear him.
A persistent itch for even one breast to accompany him.
A persistent itch from that "worm that never dies" -Mark 9:48.
A persistent itch... for Hitch. 

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