Saturday, June 5, 2010

One For The Tipper

Yes, and not unlike our previous post- Al and Tipper Gore are also at the brink of divorce. And have probably been at the brink for a long time as well. Yet strangely- Christianity Today thinks that it may actually be good to be at the brink. That 'separation may actually be "pro-marriage"'. That separation may actually 'stimulate you to reconsider... separation'! That unfaithfulness may actually 'stimulate you to reconsider... unfaithfulness'.

But to be fair to the Gore's- this is just a "trial separation". To see if a real separation might actually work. To see if a real separation might be in the globe's best interests. As if the globe really cares.

And they are boldly going forth in a New Direction. Forging a New Covenant between themselves. A Covenant to forsake the Covenant that they had with each other- for an indeterminate while. While they determine if they should actually return to the Covenant- that they had actually had with each other. That they were to forsake all others for. For quite a while.

But does this New Direction really work? Is this separation not really sin? Is this separation not really unfaithfulness? And is not- what is not of faithfulness... not really sin (Romans 14:23)?

Does it not appear that the globe's-pal-Al has "exchanged faithfulness for a lie" (Romans 1:25)? Not appear that Al has exchanged his faithful Tipper- for little more than Air Miles? Not appear that this separation will bring Al to a much more "inconvenient truth"? To a much more inconvenient exchange?

After all, did not the extended separation of Jesse from a filming Sandra- not stimulate Jesse to an inconvenient exchange of tits for tatt's? Or did not the extended separation of Elin from a touring Tiger- not stimulate Tiger to an inconvenient exchange of long drives for mini-putts?

Yet Al and Tipper think that separation from each other might stimulate them to... be faithful? To whom? To what? To Al's Mother Gaia?

Well, if Al and Tipper pass this "trial"- then they are certainly eligible for a divorce. And legally, it takes a year long "trial"- for them to pass. No questions asked. And only half that "trial" time if they opt to give "just cause" for a divorce.

Yes, a considerably longer trial than is required for Muslims or Jews to obtain a divorce (seems it takes Muslims or Jews only "an hour or two" trial). Yet, Tipper seems willing to endure yet- one more year. Yes, one for the Tipper. Then, rather than opting to give the specious cause of 'spiritual adultery'- after a year Tipper can give the less than specious cause of "irreconcilable differences". Some difference. More patience.

However, what was this editor at CT thinking? Why would he publish this article?
And what was this Director-of-Family-Formation-Studies at Focus on the Family thinking? Why would he write this article? Why would he endorse this separation?
And why would Focus not ask this Director to step down for his similar marital unfaithfulness?
Or this endorsement of Gore's unfaithfulness?
Odd that Focus didn't mind asking it's founder- to step down. Didn't mind asking Dr. Dobson to separate from "The Family". Seems they had some irreconcilable differences.

Yet, does it not seem that Christianity Today and Focus have lost... their focus? Seeming to think that the faithfulness of today- should be different than the faithfulness of yesterday? Seem to have separated themselves from the world of faithfulness- and have entered a whole New World of pragmatism? Seeming to think that they should become 'all things- that they might save some' (1 Cor. 9:22)?
Even if it means endorsing separation? Even if it means endorsing unfaithfulness?
As long as it makes the globe happy?

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