Friday, April 30, 2010

Should Benny Stalk Suzie?

Not too flattering a picture of Suzie, sorry.
I actually like her better than Benny though. Not nearly as duplicitous. Not nearly as deceitful.
Not nearly as vain. Not nearly as heretical. And actually kinda pretty.
Yet is she being "unbiblical" as Benny claims?
Seems Benny wasn't telling the whole story either. Again, much less shock and awe than claimed by Benny.
Seems they've been apart a few years already. Already been unfaithful. Already sinning against each other. Unless Benny is now bereft of manly passion. And Suzie bereft of lady lust.
Yet, marital obligations extend far beyond providing sex (although good biblical scholars would argue that this is Paul's primary argument for getting married). Far beyond providing food. And far beyond providing clothing (Exodus 21:10).
After all, who would contend that they do not include providing shelter? Transportation? Or defense?
Yet how do you defend an 'absentee' wife? One that seems more than a little absent upstairs as well as downstairs.
And Benny likely knew that Suzie was physically 'absent' for a while. Quite a while in fact.
And Benny likely knew that Suzie was being "unbiblical" for a while as well. Quite a while in fact. And it seems Benny did little to defend Suzie from various wolves. Little to defend Suzie from various heresy. Little to defend Suzie from a sickening Shaw. Shaw's aberrant view of marriage. And Shaw's abhorrent view of sex.
Yes Benny, it likely was "unbiblical" for Suzie to leave you (1 Cor. 7:10) . Unless Benny was defaulting in his obligations too (which is pretty unlikely, huh?).
However, if Suzie will not submit to biblical authority. Will not submit to the churches counsel. Then Benny should let Suzie leave- and with the churches endorsement (Matt 16:19)!
But in that last post you said that Benny should "kiss up", Ron.
And indeed Benny should "kiss up"- if Suzie 'puckers up'.
Yet there is currently no indication of Suzie submitting or 'puckering up'. Currently no indication of Suzie truly being a Christian. Despite her peculiar past manifestations. Despite her being an alleged "Pastor".
Now, this was essentially the same counsel that I gave Greg at Desiring God.
Indeed, Greg's 'absentee' claims to want "nothing to do with God". "Nothing to do with biblical counsel". "Nothing to do with church". "Nothing to do with covenant". "Nothing to do with Greg".
And Greg should respect her aversion. These are not the fruit of a "born again" person. These are the fruit of a barren person.
And as 1 Cor. 7:15 says, Greg should not be "stalking" a barren person (we'll deal with the moderator at that blogs rebuttal to me- on my mature brother blog).
Likewise Benny should not be "stalking" Suzie.
And unless she 'puckers up' soon--- Suzie is 'all show and no go'. All fluff and no stuff.
A gold ring in a pigs snout. And Benny should sow no more seeds in this sow.

Update:  Seems Benny is intent on another sow now.  Seems he couldn't be civil enough to wait out the civil- waiting-period for a divorce.  Seems Benny was conquered by his "passions".  And Suzie by her lack.

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